The Istituto Geografico Centrale book store, the city’s oldest and best-stocked book store specialized in maps and documentation of Torino for tourism and technical purposes, is located in the heart of Torino.

You'll find a wide range of maps and tourist guides.
You’ll also find our entire line of mountain maps and technical maps of Torino and Piemonte.

The Istituto Geografico Centrale book store is a must for travelers, offering a wide range of travel guides for all destinations, from today’s top publishers (EDT – Lonely Planet, Touring Club Italiano, Michelin, Rough Guide, De Agostini, Guide Routard, Polaris, Olizane, etc.).

We have maps from the Italian, French and Swiss Military Geographic Institutes, and geological, nautical, aeronautical and administrative maps for office use.

We also stock a huge selection of atlases and road maps, maps of cities in Italy and the world, geographical atlases, globes, planispheres of all sizes, maps, poster maps and blank maps for schools.

We also mount and plastic-coat maps on cardboard supports.

For some 40 years we have also been an agency for the Touring Club Italiano, and provide members with services (with the exception of travel organization services) and discounts on maps.
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