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Our entire production of maps is renewed every 3-4 years
thanks to precious contributions from Club Alpino Italiano,
mountain guides, mountain shelter operators, wildlife guides,
park rangers and the top authors of mountain guide books.

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  • 1:50.000 Scale

    We stock 23 1:50,000 scale maps of the
    Italian regions of Piemonte, Valle d’Aosta
    and Liguria.


  • 1:25.000 Scale

    We stock 16 1:25,000 scale maps of Italian, French
    and Swiss border areas, which feature the most
    famous European peaks.

  • IGC Guides

    Each publication provides support for maps and
    offers a long list of excursions, climbs, crossings,
    hikes, alpine skiing itineraries, cycling routes and
    mountain bike adventures.